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Frequent reports of success | Youweixin has won the first prize in the Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Competition!

Company News · 2024-01-16 09:00:42


On January 14th, the final of the 8-month "Hankou Bank Cup" Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Competition was successfully concluded. The project team of Youweixin Technology's "high-power deep ultraviolet LED chip research and development" stood out from many projects, winning the first prize of the competition and a prize of 1 million yuan.

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The "High Power Deep UV LED Chip R&D" project team of Youweixin Technology, with the only domestic semiconductor UV LED full band full industry chain, is the key to Youweixin's invincibility. Semiconductor UV LED is aimed at industrial solidification, medical beauty, civilian sterilization and other fields; The industrial chain includes the production and research and development of ultraviolet LED chips, devices, modules, and light source systems. Unwilling to be controlled by others in any aspect, at the beginning of its establishment, Youweixin adhered to the concept of technological self-reliance and self-improvement, adhered to independent research and development and production, and gradually achieved full band and full industry chain coverage. At present, the company has 262 core patents, including 140 invention patents.

The current Hankou Bank Cup Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Competition is hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, and organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, various district governments (including the Development Zone Management Committee), and Wuhan Talent Group. The theme of this event is "self-reliance, self-improvement, mission, and technological innovation to win the future", focusing on eight major fields: artificial intelligence, digital economy, optoelectronic information, automobiles, high-end equipment, green and low-carbon, big health and biotechnology, and advanced materials. It has attracted 585 domestic and foreign projects with core technological innovation capabilities and high growth potential to participate. After 8 months of preliminary review, monthly competition, coaching, seasonal competition, training camp, and semi-finals, 11 high-quality projects were selected to enter the finals.

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In 2022, Youweixin was selected as a national level specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise. A series of enterprise talent training programs such as the 3551 Optics Valley Talent Plan have helped Youweixin urgently need innovative talents; At present, with the support of relevant departments, the first phase of the Youweixin UV LED industry base project has been capped, and in the future, it will achieve larger and higher quality production capacity to meet market needs.

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