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Good News | Youweixin Won the "Top 10 High tech Enterprises of Optics Valley Gazelle"

Company News · 2023-11-17 16:00:33

On the afternoon of November 15th, the 2023 Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprise Summit was held at the Optics Valley Government Service Center. At the meeting, the "2023 Development Report of Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprises" was released, and the "Top 10 High Tech Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprises", "Top 10 High Growth Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprises", and "Top 10 High Value Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprises" were awarded.

Youweixin has been awarded the title of "Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprise" for 7 consecutive years and has been selected as one of the "Top 10 High Tech Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprises"!

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Source: China Optics Valley

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Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprise is established by Donghu High tech Zone to accurately discover, cultivate, and support a group of high-tech high growth enterprises with strong research and development capabilities, great growth potential, and mastery of key core technologies. Enterprises can only be selected through application, selection, review, publicity, and announcement processes. The "Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprise" demonstrates the government's high recognition of Youweixin's innovation ability, scientific research ability, core technology, and development potential, and is another milestone in the development history of Youweixin.

WPE breaking 7%

Since 2015, Youweixin has been awarded the title of "Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprise" for 7 consecutive years. A series of key breakthroughs have been made in the technology and application of semiconductor high-efficiency ultraviolet LED chips. Solved the "bottleneck" problem in the supply of third-generation nitride semiconductor materials and devices in China, achieved high-efficiency ultraviolet LED chips with independent intellectual property rights, achieved WPE7%, broke foreign technology monopolies, and ranked at the global leading level.

Leading the Hard Core Quality Industry

In terms of material properties, Youweixin comprehensively considers indicators such as XRD half width, thickness, and dislocation density. The thickness and crystal quality of AlN thick films grown by MOCVD heteroepitaxy on patterned sapphire substrates have reached international advanced levels.

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Youweixin has achieved a chip size of 20 mils × A 20 mil deep ultraviolet LED chip with a luminescent wavelength of 280 nm. At a working current of 100 mA, the maximum optical output power can reach up to 28-35 mW, with a maintenance rate of 1000 hours of aging> 90%, L70 lifespan> 10000h, with various performance indicators at the international leading level;

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High density COB near-ultraviolet LED array light source achieves illumination distance greater than 100 mm and optical power density greater than 20 W/cm 2; In the field of parallel light exposure, achieve collimation less than 2 °, uniformity greater than 90%, and illumination greater than 400 mW/cm 2; In the field of large area LCD panel G8.5 line, the effective illumination area of the light source reaches 2.2 meters × 2.5 m and illumination of 400 mW/cm 2 At the same time, the irradiation uniformity is greater than 90%. In the field of inkjet printing, the irradiance can reach 30-40W/cm at a speed of 150-250 m/min and an irradiation distance of 10mm 2, Filling the industry gap.

In the future, Youweixin will continue to leverage its advantages to support the development of the "World Optics Valley" and contribute to the high-quality development of China's semiconductor industry& Nbsp;

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